Fittings, drawer slides and hinges: Why quality pays off?

When assembling furniture, essential elements such as fittings, drawer slides and hinges must be considered. These are the accessories that allow doors to open and compartments to slide properly.

The fittings represent the heart of drawer units and wardrobes, allowing their correct functioning and, so that their use does not become a burden for you, it is essential to use quality parts.

At Emuca we are well aware of the importance of these small elements and that is why we offer you below the main reasons why this is the right investment for you. Let’s get started!

Drawer slides and hinges: details that make the difference

The different parts that make up the fittings, drawer slides and hinges are largely responsible for the user experience of this type of furniture. They determine the aesthetic comfort or the ease with which you can manipulate them, or, on the contrary, how annoying that interaction is. Because who would like a drawer that gets stuck all the time?

For such an experience to be satisfactory, the pieces need to meet the following three basic characteristics, which are present when they are of good quality.

  • Functionality: the fittings must provide practical solutions for their main purpose and make life easier for every user.
  • Durability: it is essential that they withstand multiple operations, friction and even climatic conditions.
  • Aesthetics: without underestimating the ornamental qualities of those parts that are exposed and visible.
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A worthwhile investment: fittings, drawer slides and hinges

The benefits you get from using good fittings, drawer slides and hinges are enormous. They undoubtedly make a difference to every piece of furniture and your home in general, resulting in peace of mind and comfort.

Save time!

Using a good quality set of fittings means considerable savings in the time spent on handling furniture. It may seem insignificant, but this is not the case when you add up all those little delays caused by malfunctions or breakdowns, which often occur in defective products.

No disturbing noises

A delicate and subtle sliding action is always noticeable when it comes to furniture with drawer slides, cabinet doors or any other type of sliding furniture. There is nothing better than opening a door quietly. For that, you will need good hardware, drawer slides and hinges.

Visually appealing

A particularly relevant factor when it comes to handles, knobs and latches; accessories where finish is important. In this range of hardware, the diversity of styles, suitable for each of your preferences, are easy to find without sacrificing functionality.

Optimised design

In order for the furniture to fulfil its defined functions without any problems, the high-quality fittings are manufactured according to the latest technological advances in precision, both in the relevant industrial processes and in the components used.

Premium materials

High-quality furniture fittings are mainly made of stainless steel, but nowadays it is also possible to find fittings made of polymers. In both cases they have outstanding qualities for reinforcing any type of furniture.

They are resistant!

The replacement of furniture fittings is considerably delayed as they are manufactured to be strong and durable, even in furniture that is prone to heavy use, such as those used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Drawer slides and hinges: a safe investment

Although the initial outlay may seem high compared to poorer quality alternatives, it is definitely worth every euro in the long run, for all the above-mentioned benefits. No headaches caused by cheating imperfect products: go for the best drawer slides and hinges.

Key features in quality fittings

As a general rule, market presence and brand recognition is a guarantee of product quality, as is the case with Emuca:

  • With hinges, it is important that they can withstand the weight of the doors and the inherent wear and tear of such parts.
  • With drawer slides, the mechanism should be corrosion-resistant, easy to install, ensure smooth sliding and proper opening, and maintain perfect alignment.
  • As for handles and knobs, make sure you buy materials that are resistant, comfortable to the touch and that meet your aesthetic requirements, remembering that these are parts that are visible to the eye.

Is it worth investing in quality when it comes to drawer slides and hinges?

Furniture with good quality fittings makes life easier for everyone around them, providing organisation and accessibility for objects. It is a fact that the higher the quality, the better the advantages. And when it comes to your comfort, don’t ever doubt that you deserve it.

Visit us on our Emuca website; since we are designers and manufacturers with years of experience in furniture components, you will have at your disposal a complete catalogue of fittings, of all kinds and of the best quality! Go for our drawer slides and hinges, it will be your best decision!

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