ErP regulations and energy labelling

Reglamentos ErpP y etiquetado energético

At Emuca we have always committed to comply with current legislation with a business model focused on quality and innovating solutions, with a clear commitment to sustainability with the environment and guiding the company towards a better future.

That is why in recent months we have worked to adapt our products to the new ErP regulations and energy labelling for light sources, with the sole objective of promoting compliance with the new legislation and strengthening trust with our customers.

ErP eco-design regulation for light sources and independent control mechanisms (EU) 2019/2020

The new ErP regulation comes into force as of September 1, 2021.

Its scope includes energy-related products and establishes the eco-design requirements for the market introduction of light sources and independent control mechanisms.

Its requirements also apply to light sources and independent control mechanisms commercialised within a container product.

The calculation of energy efficiency has been modified, taking into account the influence of factors such as the colour rendering index, luminous flux, brightness and the improvement of energy efficiency requirements.

The light source type and its related definitions are now more refined and new types have been added.

The energy efficiency requirements of independent control devices, flicker test requirements and other parameters related to the life of the products have also been increased.

Regulation of energy efficiency labelling(EU) 2019/2015

The new labels will be available from September 1, 2021.

All light sources have been evaluated taking into account the new parameters set.

The energy classes A+, A++ and A+++ disappear, returning to a classification scale that goes from A to G depending on the energy consumption and efficiency of each product.

The energy efficiency of the products does not change, but the rescaling of the energy classification can cause the letter of your label to vary.

The objective of this change is to promote technological development and expand the range of choice of products to consumers based on their energy efficiency. In recent years, the A+ and higher categories have become saturated with models, and new technological developments have not found a gap to adequately differentiate themselves within the established efficiency scale.

The rescaling of the energy classification will take into account technological innovation in the manufacture of electrical appliances and will make room for future technological developments in the most efficient classes (A and B), so that consumers will find labels whose best energy score is a B and the most frequent will be class D and lower.

Thus, the new label will expand energy efficiency options in the light source market and promote technological development of more efficient products.

Another novelty is that the energy labels of the devices incorporate a QR code. With this code, it is possible to use a smartphone to obtain additional information about the devices in the European database of products with energy labelling “EPREL”.

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