Latest novelties in bathroom design and decoration for 2021

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The bathroom of any home is an incredible space to create a special and unique place. There are endless possibilities in the market for bathroom design, materials, colours, textures… but the great secret for everything to flow correctly is to mix the needs of your clients with the 2021 trends.

At Emuca, as specialist in all types of home fittings, we are always up to date on which are going to be the latest trends, year after year. And, in this article, we are going to explain to you everything you need to know about how to create an ideal bathroom fulfilling the demands of each of your clients.


Modern style ahead of the curve in bathroom design

A bathroom renovation means a big investment by the client and requires a great job on your part. For this reason, it is important that everything turns out as expected and that the result provides all the solutions to the needs that need to be met on each case. But, in addition, a plus in decoration would be to follow the bathroom trends for 2021, that, without a doubt, revolve around state-of-the-art spaces.

Gloomy, neutral or classic designs are over. The bathroom has become a beautiful place that also serves as a relaxation area. Practicality, comfort, usefulness, functionality, design and illumination are essential for the 2021 new bathrooms.


Materials and textures, the trend for this year

The trend in bathroom decoration this year revolves around different materials and textures. The most commonly used and required by the clients are:



Social awareness for environmental protection brings the need to evoke a natural space at home. For this reason, the use of wood to cover walls, floors or even as a countertop of furniture is a great trend this year.

Mixing different materials including wood elements create a modern, elegant, convenient and functional bathroom.


2. Marble

Marble is back in our lives full force after many years of not being the star in bathroom decoration. It’s just that its disposition simplicity and the combination of whites, greys and reds will manage to provide an organic and elegant air to the space.

3. Stone

Another natural element that will be a trend this year is natural stone. But not only in floors and walls. It is also extending to countertops and washbasins in order to give that majestic touch to the bathroom.

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4. Gold

To maintain the elegant trend that will lead the way in bathroom design in 2021, the use of gold metals will be key. The contrast of these with natural materials will increase the glamour level of the place.


5. Small tiles

Another great trend for bathroom design in 2021 will be the use of small tiles, of mosaic-style, shaped in stripes or even hand-made.


6. Glass

Glass is a fundamental material as, when used in combination with the rest of the materials brings greatness, elegance and sophistication to the space.

Obtaining warmth and a home feeling is the goal of the new bathroom designs.


Accessories and fittings that cannot be missing from bathroom design in 2021

Fittings for bathrooms are essential for this year and will complement the elegant and sophisticated touch of the space being created. For this reason, your designs should include, for example, mirrors with LED lights, LED wall lamps, push-to-open drawers, hinges with smooth and silent closing, furniture pieces with original legs or those made of wood, or even wheels that allow to move the piece of furniture.

Also, incorporating hydro-massage showers or whirlpool baths is becoming a greatly extended trend. In addition of other accessories that bring functionality and comfort to the bathroom.

Visit our website and create the perfect bathroom design for each of your clients.

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