Storage solution for bathrooms: make the most of the space

soluciones almacenaje baño

Renovating a bathroom is a real challenge for the professional who works on it, because besides creating a space that is functional, it must also be comfortable, practical and stylish.

When starting a style project, you always have to keep two things in mind that you have to make the maximum use of: first of all the structural alterations that you have to make in the room so that every inch of it is put to use, and of course there are the decorative elements that enable you to complete your design with all the practical aspects you are looking for. The storage space in the bathroom is an essential part of this second point. So, keep reading and we will explain how you can achieve a spectacular result.

Storage space in the bathroom is an important feature for your clients

Good organization and distribution in the bathroom are important to achieve maximum comfort. This means that you must provide generous and well-structured bathroom storage space to make it a practical and functional space.

Your clients will need bathroom units that enable them to store what they need, and ideas to keep everything in the bathroom tidy and uncluttered to give them a vision and sense of space.

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Furniture distribution as a storage solution for bathrooms

The best way to arrange your storage space perfectly is to plan the distribution of the bathroom units in great detail. To do this, it is a good idea to use suspended units, which give a lighter look and make the space look bigger than it is, and to use drawers instead of cupboard doors which can prevent movement, strategically positioned shelves and cupboards with large frameless mirrors. You can also install bathroom units above the toilet as a way of making full use of the space available and increase the storage capacity.

Fittings for bathroom units: the key to optimizing space

Another fundamental aspect for making the ideal storage units for bathrooms are the fittings. They express the true magic of design, functionality, practicality and comfort.

By installing different types of fittings in strategic places, you can expand the space, optimize it, make the most of what you have and ensure that your clients are more satisfied.

Fittings for bathroom units: organizing cupboards and drawers

The interior of cupboards and drawers are a vital part of a spectacular design. Although they may not be visible, they will ensure that your clients are delighted with the final result.

You can have drawers with the push system which do not require handles, as another way to optimize the space. Interior dividers for keeping creams and brushes, etc. Side columns for the cupboards that enable you to make use of every centimetre, rails for drawers, corner trays, systems that make drawers easier to fully open, suspended shelves… In short, everything that can enable you to make full use of the furniture and make the most of every last bit of space.

Other solutions to make the most of your bathroom storage space

One essential aspect that you cannot overlook in any case is the use of good lighting to ensure that every part of the room is fully visible.

You can install LED light appliances, with or without motion sensors, spot lights, LED strips, mirrors with fitted lights, etc. Our website  has lots of ideas that can add a personal touch to your project.

Accessories to improve bathroom storage

Besides everything we have mentioned above, you can use other fittings that optimize the space and help you to create fantastic bathroom storage. It will provide your clients with more comfort, create a sense of space and make the bathroom more useful.

You can add lifting doors for smaller spaces, hangers or wall supports that enable you to make use of every centimetre, removable systems, even for the waste bin, supports inside the cupboards for ironing.

The originality and creativity of your designs are what sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. The result is only better when your clients are happy with your project. The use of all options in fittings to make a practical and functional bathroom is essential. First, they optimize the space and then they create a more visually attractive design.

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