Types of drawer slides

Drawer slides are essential parts for the operation of drawers. They allow the drawers to open and move optimally and, at the same time, they offer other useful functions for the user. Therefore, knowing the types of drawer slides is key. There are many different types on the market, which are ideal solutions for every context and use of drawers, whether for the kitchen, wardrobe, bathroom or any other space.
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Types of drawer slides

Depending on the type of slide, its opening and closing mechanism may vary and offer different advantages, which not only aim to improve the user experience, but also to suit the requirements. Therefore, before choosing the slides to be used in a project, it is advisable to know which ones are the most suitable for the different drawers, in consultation with the client and the design of the space. It is worth noting that although it may not seem like it, the slides have a lot to do with the decoration, even if they are hidden, as the functioning of the drawer and the outside can be influenced by the type of slide. Undoubtedly, there are many elements to take into account, because of this in Emuca we will help you by reviewing the types of drawer slides and what are their advantages.

Telescopic slides

Telescopic slides are currently the most widely used in all types of drawers. Their design has evolved over the years and they offer many advantages. One of the most important is the full pull-out of the drawers, allowing users to view the entire contents of the storage space conveniently. It should be noted that telescopic slides are divided into various types of drawer slides with specialised functions such as soft, push, concealed and others. Another important aspect is that they are able to support a higher weight than other types of drawer slides, which is very useful for large drawers that can contain numerous objects and still function perfectly.

Soft drawer slides

This type of slides are those that offer an additional feature that consists of a smooth movement and brake when closing. This will not affect the opening speed or the resistance when trying to open the drawer. Only when the drawer is pushed to close, it will automatically slow down and complete its movement smoothly as it approaches the stop. The advantage of this type of slide has to do mainly with the durability of the drawers, as the soft closing of the components does not hit them, protecting the fittings, mechanisms and panels, and it also does not generate noise. Soft slides are widely used in kitchen drawers, because no time is wasted by having to close them completely, just push them in and they will do the rest of the work safely.

Push drawer slide

Telescopic push type drawer slides are very special, because as the name suggests, with a simple push on the front of the drawer, it will open automatically, without the need to pull it. This mode of operation offers the advantage of not having to use handles, which gives a more minimalist and uniform finish to the appearance of the drawer front panels. They are slides that provide an incredible customer experience and are totally comfortable, with a full smooth pull out and in the case of the models we offer at Emuca they are also very quiet to the point of wondering if the drawer is not floating. The only thing that can be felt is a small click when the mechanism is pushed and this in turn activates a spring that pulls the drawer out.

Invisible or hidden guidance

This type of slide has a design that is not visible when the drawer is opened, unlike the other types such as telescopic and traditional pulley slides. Invisible or hidden slides are installed on the inside of the drawer, hence their name. It should be noted that their design and features are very similar to the telescopic slides, offering a complete extraction and anti-tilt safety, but also, depending on the model, they can provide a soft closing or a touch opening like the Push system. They are widely used in furniture that requires a higher aesthetic level through the discretion of hidden slides. Drawer towers that are hidden by a hinged door tend to use this type of runners and their construction is different from the common ones.

Types of drawer slides that you will find in Emuca

For every project you are going to carry out you will find the right guides, from the classic pulley guides with improved operation, telescopic guides in each of their variants and the famous invisible guides. Each one of them manufactured with the best quality in materials and design, you just have to choose the one that suits your needs to manufacture the best drawers.

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